Tarry Planer grew up in a Christian family. Since she was a young girl she has felt a calling to the missionary field. In 2014  she did her first missionary trip to Haiti. During the trip her heart was broken for the people. She fell in love with the people and the country. After returning home, she had a deep desire to come and serve in whatever capacity she could. She was unsure of what she could offer and in what way. Tarry's professional field is cosmetology. Not sure how she could make a difference, she surrendered not to her own understanding but the call of God. In 2018 she and her daughter Tillie committed to live in Haiti; where she is now serving expats and missionaries by providing them with a friendly and homie environment. She is currently serving with Hope Outreach International (HOI), www.reachwithhope.org. Her goal is to help young men and women from various background such as drugs, alcohol and prostitution to learn the trade of cosmetology so they can earn a living. She will use her experience and skills to help start a Training and Job Creation Program, in cosmetology.  Her focus and specialty will be on training Haitians to take her job!  She is very excited for this new adventure and how God is going to use her and this partnership!