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Education & Feeding Programs


One of the telling qualities of the education system in Haiti is the disproportionately large number of private schools; they are estimated to comprise between 70-80 percent of the total educational options in the country. Given the high level of poverty in Haiti, the cost of schooling is an issue of great concern. Even the public school options are not entirely accessible to families living in poverty, as students are required to pay school fees and for their yearly uniforms. The unemployment rate in Haiti is estimated to be seventy percent, making provisions for education nearly impossible to come by.


HOI takes pride in being able to provide Haitian students with the opportunity to become formally educated. Since 2002, we have been reaching families, individuals and institutions by providing educational assistance through schooling, sponsorships, and scholarships. In 2009, HOI opened the doors of the HOI Academy in the village of Lamothe; we work to provide a quality education to students who have never before had access to any educational opportunities.

In 2018, HOI took over a school in Tabarre 16/Cazeau. There are 530 students on this campus. This brings our total enrollment to 600 students. 


Our goal is to have over 500 children sponsored before the start of the 2018-2019 school year!


For $420.00 per school year, you can provide a student with the opportunity to pursue an education. Please visit the “Child Sponsorships” page for more information, and consider partnering with us to provide the children of Lamothe with invaluable opportunities! 


Food plays a vital role in the attention span of children, especially young children. While many countries are blessed to have the privilege of control of food intakes, most parents in Haiti are not able to provide food for their children. Most of the children leave their homes with empty stomachs and are afraid to think about what awaits them after school. They travel miles and miles to reach school on time; by the time that they arrive, they are often too tired and hungry to learn. In early 2013, we started to serve meals to children at school. Please consider making a generous donation to the continuation of this effort. 


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