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Jan. 27, 2011


Eight years ago I met Mrs. St. Pierre, a mother of eight in the village of Lamothe. Among her many children, I fell in love with her youngest girl Kecia; who is now 10 years old. Kecia was one of the first students who participated in our school sponsorship program. Over the years, you may have also read about Mrs. St Pierre’s struggles and successes from our newsletters.

Mrs. St. Pierre did not have much but she had a passion to raise her children with moral and values with limited resources. She was passionate about her children’s education. She believed it was the key to a better life. After her husband died, Hope Outreach International provided Mrs. St. Pierre with a small loan to start her peanut butter business. She was good at it; and it helped her put food on the table for her children.

Unfortunately just a few days ago, I received news that Mrs. St. Pierre died. It’s a sad story. Upon feeling ill, she was taken to a medical clinic many miles away from her home. Due to the cholera epidemic in Haiti, the medical professionals there wrongly identified her as a cholera patient. Shortly after, she died. Upon her death she was dumped into a hole dug for cholera patients. This left the family with no remains for a funeral service. How sad it is for her family, and children? How much sadder it is for Kecia? Kecia was her mom’s right hand. They travelled everywhere together. On that Tuesday morning, Kecia did not know she was to say her final goodbye to her mom. The family sought to get the body back, but it was too late because she was already exposed.

In January of 2001, exactly 10 years ago, it was a sad time for the Volcy family particularly Julio. Two years after he entered the US on a student visa; he received news that his youngest sister Marjorie was sick and soon after, she died to an untreated fever that lasted too long. She was also a resident of Lamothe. Too many lives gone too soon in this little village!

In January of 2011 ten years later, IT IS A DREAM COME TRUE! Hope Outreach International gives a long term medical clinic to the citizen of Lamothe. On January 27th-30th, Dr. & Mrs. Marciales and a team will accompany HOI to Haiti for the grand opening of the clinic. This clinic will provide care to more than 700 families and 9 surrounding communities. The clinic will be operated by a Haitian doctor and nurses with the supervision of Dr. W. Marciales, M.D and other collaborating physicians from the US.

Whether you have been chasing this dream with HOI for the past ten years or you have just joined us on this journey, we want to say THANK YOU!!! For you support. We need your financial support to keep the doors open.
Please consider making a generous tax deductible contribution online tod


Dec. 17, 2010
Another Relief Trip

Food for Haiti:Our next mission team will be spending $17,500.00 to purchase food in Haiti to be distributed directly to the Haitian people and various Churches in Haiti.

Tents for Haiti: Calvary Community Church collected 238 tents. The tents will provide shelter for over 1,500 Haitians during the rainy season.
Team: A group of 16 will travel to Haiti Saturday March 20th to help with food distribution, build phase I of a water reservoir project, provide medical assistance and counseling.

Thank you to all who participated, the generosity and outpouring of support has been phenomenal, God is truly doing amazing things


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