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Medical Clinic

In January of 2001, Julio was faced with one of the darkest moments of his life. He was a newlywed international student in the United States when he learned that his youngest sister, Marjorie, had fallen ill in his home village of Lamothe, Haiti. She later passed away due to an untreated fever. At the time, Lamothe had no clinic or medical resources; the lack of treatment options had cost several lives in the village.


After several years of providing medical assistance through a mobile clinic in the area, Hope Outreach International opened its medical clinic in Lamothe in January 2011 – almost exactly ten years after the loss of Julio’s beloved sister. Through partnerships with physicians and medical groups in the United States, the clinic is able to provide ongoing care to more than seven hundred families and nine surrounding communities. Dr. Werther Marciales and a team from Bradenton, Florida, accompanied HOI for the opening of the clinic, and have been supportive of our efforts since.


Since 2011, we have provided eye, dental, gynecological and pediatric care, as well as general medicine and ongoing first aid/wound treatment. The clinic also contains a pharmacy, which has served to provide medications to hundreds of patients. We are in the process of finishing the set-up of a functioning lab.


Opportunities to Serve at the Clinic:


Our goal is to immunize and provide an annual check up for every student at the HOI Academy, and for every child in the village of Lamothe. We are in need of medical professionals to join us in Haiti to further this effort. If you are a medical professional or have medical training, please consider bringing or joining an existing short-term medical mission team.


For more information about our medical mission trips, please see the “Mission Trips” page or contact Troy Blunden at If you are unable to join on a medical mission trip, please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation online today​!

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