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Wellness, Education, Leadership & Development (WELD)

Hope Outreach International works side-by-side with local Haitians and North American partners to implement projects such as the development of accessible clean water sources, providing electricity, raising next generation leaders, and establishing a complex medical clinic that will serve the families of Lamothe, Haiti and its surrounding communities. Our focus is on Wellness, Education, Leadership and Development!
During each HOI medical mission trip, an average of 500 patients are seen at the clinic in Lamothe. They come to us with illnesses ranging from dehydration and malnutrition to skin diseases, infections and abscess formations. We also seek to treat threatening infections and provide for the most basic, primary care needs of our patients.  Hope Outreach International offers opportunities for medical professionals to serve on long and short term mission trips to meet the needs of some of Haiti's poorest people. 
We reach families, individuals, and institutions by providing education assistance to students in great need through formal schooling, community sponsorships and scholarships. Additionally, we opened the doors to the HOI Academy in 2009 to provide the opportunity of an education to children with the greatest need. Our goal is to have 500 children sponsored before the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. 

Leadership and Development
Over the past seven years, HOI has provided leadership training for more than five thousand next generation leaders. With more than 60% of the Haitian population under the age of 21, HOI has realized that Haiti’s greatest asset is its young people. We stand by the truth that when they are trained right, they have a lot to offer. HOI concentrates on developing next generation Haitian leaders in the US and in Haiti through seminars, conferences, and individualized mentoring. We believe that these young leaders are the hope for a better tomorrow in Haiti! 
In 2011, a male residential program was established in Port-au-Prince to reach at-risk youths through training in the following areas: discipleship, leadership, life skills and vocational studies. A program for young women will be launched in September 2015, also in Port-au-Prince. Please visit Haiti Teen Challenge for more information!​
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