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​Hope Outreach International is partnering with “House of Children by Faith Orphanage” in Carrefour, Haiti. The orphanage is currently houses over 100 orphans and disinherited children.


The orphanage was started in 1988 by Rev. Jean Polistin, a Haitian pastor who was led of the Lord to start taking in orphans and other needy children for years before starting the orphanage. While Rev. Polistin is still the pastor of the associated church and is very involved with the children, his daughter, Célianie Valmond, oversees the orphanage and associated primary school


​By sending a child to school, you know the joy of making a difference in the life of a young boy or girl living in poverty. Your own life will also be changed: When you understand the needs of the world in a personal way. Thousands of children are waiting for someone to reach out to them with hope. Will you join us?

Although Hope Outreach International is currently sponsoring about 100 kids in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, It was sad when the HOI's team Haiti report to us there were more than 50 kids ages 6-17 who never attended school during their annual VBS in the summer of 2009. In response to this discovery HOI amswered the call to help these boys and girls face a better tomorrow.

Hope Outreach InternationaI’s team in Haiti is currently running a school HOI established since Fall 2009 to give these kids access to an education.
It is difficult to place these kids in a mainstream school when mentally, socially or physically they will feel out of place.

Imagine the joy of making a difference in the life of a young boy or girl living in poverty. Many children are waiting for someone to reach out to them with hope.

We are in dire need for sponsors. For just $395 a year you can give a child the access to an education. This fee will cover tuition, uniform and supplies.

We are in great need of sponsors. Will you please join us in bringing hope of a better life to the school children in Lamothe?


What an amazing week we spent with the kids in Lamothe. Vacation Bible School was AWESOME!!! We started the week with more than 500 children, by the end of the week we stopped counting after we reached the 800 hundred mark.

The children learned about the Saving Grace of Jesus through an EvangeCube visual lesson presented by Kimberly of Grace Church and Wolfe of Haiti Teen Challenge ( They thought the kids the steps for Growth as a Christian; steps such as Love, Study of the word, Prayer, Meet others and Tell them about the Saving Grace of Jesus. As a result 93 children gave their life to Christ.

VBS is such a demanded activity in Lamothe, the participants ages ranged from 3-23. Yes, there were 23-year-old participants. They forged their age to enter the facility.  The young men of HTC shared their life testimonies with them, they were taught different crafts including how to make liquid soap and mistolin (a multi-purpose cleaner fragrance) from scratch.

We are certain that God has blessed this ministry because of the engagement of the local people in the community. In addition to the missionaries and the Haiti Teen Challenge young men, more than 40 volunteers from Lamothe and its surrounding communities served at VBS. They poured into the kids’ life through their teaching, administration, cooking, maintenance etc… HOI takes pride in helping Haitians help Haitians. These people are responsible to follow up with the new believers; helping them secure a good bible teaching church and mentoring them.

All of this would not have been possible without your support. Thank you partners! We also want to send a special thanks to our 2012 sponsors:  Grace Church, Haiti Teen Challenge and His House Ministries.

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