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Hope Outreach International takes pride in education. Since 2009, the HOI Academy in Lamothe has been reaching families, individuals, and institutions by providing educational assistance through school and community sponsorships and scholarships. HOI’s Academy focuses particularly on reaching impoverished children who had never had access to an education before 2009. 

In 2018, Hope Outreach International took over a school in Tabarre 16/Cazeau. This school houses 530 students. We are excited about HOI Academy - Cazeau. We believe this next venture for HOI is so much more than just a work project but a vessel for life-change among the youth in Haiti. Imagine the potential this school has to reach kids with a superior education, for the Glory of God!


The 2 HOI Academy campuses have 600 children enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year. The number of students enrolled increases each year, and we are in desperate need of sponsors for the growing student population.

This is a huge task that we know God has entrusted us with.


Part of our ministry to students includes serving them a hot meal. We believe that in order for students to be able to focus and retain information, a warm meal is necessary.


Please consider sponsoring a child for $420 a year (or, $42.00/month for 10 months on a recurring payment plan). This amount covers the cost of tuition, a hot meal, clean drinking water, medical care, and school supplies. Your sponsorship also gives them access to our medical clinic in Lamothe. 




For only $42.00 per month, you can invest in the life of a student in Tabarre or Lamothe, Haiti, by providing him or her with the opportunity to attend a HOI Academy. As a sponsor, you will receive the following:

  • A picture of your student;

  • Quarterly newsletters with school and student updates;

  • Annual Report with child education information;

  • Personal correspondence between you and your student; and,

  • An annual statement of your tax-deductible contributions


You may also choose to remain anonymous. 

Sponsoring a Child is Easy - just follow three simple steps:
1. Complete the sponsor application form. To mail in your form, please send to the following address: 
          Hope Outreach International
          4220 75th Street West
          Bradenton, Florida 34209
To submit electronically, email a scanned copy to
2. Click on the black "Donate Online Here" button in the righthand corner; complete the online donation form using your credit or debit card, or by entering your bank account details. You may also mail your donation in via a written check each month. 
3. Wait for confirmation from HOI! Someone should email you within two weeks to confirm your status as a sponsor, and to provide information about your sponsored child. For more information, please email Suzette Volcy at

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